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Published on 13.02.2021 11:31
Published on 14.01.2021 10:39

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Boudoir Noir - your online shop for gothic, steampunk and burlesque clothing

Our unique range of black fashion

We offer a unique range of gothic fashion and dark romantic styles with a large selection of extravagant deep-black fashion. Clothing, and accessories for men and women for a variety of styles. Top brands like Punk Rave, Dark in Love, Necessary Evil, Phaze, Devil Fashion, Pentagramme, RQ-BL to name but a few.

Gothic clothing from dark colored to black

Whether Gothic fashion in its dark romantic version with Victorian influences or more classic designs for the black goth. Lace is an essential part of Victorian influence and reminds of the mourning fashion of this epoch. Whether on the sleeves of a high-necked blouse or as stylish necklace. Playfully decorated buttons and frills, plus all kinds of accessories with pearls, chains and sometimes even a little skull are the essence for an impressive outfit.

For Dark Ladies and Dark Lords

Laced, close-fitting corsages and corsets give the ladies in black an irresistible appearance. Matching a skirt: short or long, black or black, also with lace and frisky details. An alternative is a pair of trousers: simple, figure-hugging, with buckles or eye-catching trimmings, depending on your taste. But we also have dresses in our assortment. Long and short, with or without sleeves. They are always an eye-catcher. For all ladies who like it a bit simpler, we have a large selection of shirts and tunics. Stretch usually plays a role and emphasizes the figure. Laces, ribbons, asymmetrical cuts and trumpet sleeves can be found again and again in gothic style.

For men we offer great possibilities to dress either as a classic nobleman, with frill shirt, tailcoat, brocade trousers. A cummerbund in silk look fits perfectly. Or you may prefer the tougher version of the Dark Warrior. Wams and shoulder protector in leather look are just as suitable as arm warmers, half gloves and a kilt. Men's skirts are particularly popular.

Burlesque or the art of seducing without really showing anything

We also offer more daring outfits for a provocative Burlesque Look in very different variations. Tight shorts and seductive corsets. As hair decoration an imaginative Fascinator and at the hands black point gloves. With tassels and frills and playful pasties underneath. After all, burlesque is about showing a lot, but never everything….

Steampunk clothing for retro-futuristic adventurers and explorers

Steampunk clothing and accessories are very popular. This is all about retro-futurism. The adventure novels of the French writer Jules Verne from the 19th century have a decisive influence on this appearance. It is about presenting the technology of the future from the perspective of the past. Translated into the language of fashion, this means that steampunk fans dress predominantly in shades of brown, black and gold. Tails, vests, shirts and pants. Often decorated with typical things like gears, chains and leather straps. In addition, holster for fantasy weapons around waist, leg or shoulder. Typical are backpack bodies with all kinds of optical and mechanical devices. The most famous trademark of a steampunk are the goggles. A mixture of aviator and welder goggles.

Strict uniform style for exciting games with dominance and submission

The severity of a uniform, or sometimes just a hint of military, has a very special effect. Rather in the classic style, a figure-hugging cut of trousers, waistcoat or jacket, as well as epaulettes and crossbars next to striking buttons and trimmings are almost indispensable for a uniform look.

Imaginative stylings for exciting LARP events from the Middle Ages to the future

LARP stands for Life Action Role Playing and describes a role-playing game. You slip into a role and physically live out this character. Scenarios often take place in the Middle Ages. Knights and maids, rulers, noblewomen and maids, as well as subordinates. This can be more or less authentic. According to your taste. There are no limits to your imagination. In addition, we offer many LARP articles that are excellently suited for the staging of such a character.

Rebellious punk for an outfit that follows no rules

The visually wildest clothes and accessories can be attributed to punk. Chains, torn fabrics and rivets speak the language of rebellion in fashion. A vinyl skirt with tulle simply looks fantastic and accentuates visual anarchy. Also typical are elements made of net fabric, which are incorporated into shirts or trousers. Try adding a few punk elements to your styling. You will see what a stunning effect small changes have.

Black fashion of the hottest brands

Of course there are countless shades between the different styles. And finally, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and identify with what you are wearing. Whether as a mere disguise or as identification with oneself. Let yourself be inspired and find the look that suits you and your imagination.