About us

Boudoir originates from French and is now a common term in many languages for a distinguished dressing room from past centuries - for both women and men.

The boudoir style from the later 18th century, which can still be found in art today, predominantly in photographs, reflects this intimate, sensual and very personal atmosphere of the boudoir. This aesthetic and elegance, which has seduced sensually for over 200 years, can be found in our fashion.

Having arrived in the 21st century, we would like to seduce you with the dark, black "Boudoir Noir" and inspire you with the imaginative and also erotic designs with lace, velvet and satin. Burlesque, Gothic and Steampunk are just some of the styles you will find in our shop.

Who we are

Heart and soul behind Boudoir Noir is Caroline:

She is a person of 'conviction' among the black-robed. Her eye and sense of style and aesthetics associated with dark fashion are evident in the fact that only those garments and accessories that meet her strict personal standards find their way into the Boudoir Noir range. In short: Caroline's lifeblood is black!

As a graduate in business administration, she knows how to give her dark vocation a professional framework, and not just out of passion. With many years of experience in marketing and communication, Boudoir Noir's goal of creating satisfied and happy black-robed customers is something she personally holds close to her heart.

The hard-working helpers at Boudoir Noir
Jochen: The supreme authority

He is not only chief financial inspector, voice of reason, fashion photographer, calming influence, stock tidy-up man, chief motivator, but much more ...

Count Pommes Fritz and Mme Pomp A Dur: Models without minimum wage

Even more patient than Jochen, sometimes a bit stubborn, but they always cut a fine figure.

A look behind the scenes of Boudoir Noir