Burlesque - A touch of glamour and frivolity

The connection between burlesque and black fashion, respectively gothic and punk is not necessarily obvious at first. Sexy cabaret shows have little in common with melancholic dark romanticism or wild punk. And yet they do exist, the similarities. At least in a fashionable sense. The most important element here is the corset or corsage. In all the styles mentioned it forms an optically central and style-defining piece of clothing. Independent of colour or shape.

The term burlesque is associated with terms such as glamour, style and striptease. The fashionable appearance is also influenced accordingly. The style developed as an erotic show in Europe in the 19th century, where dancers on stage provoked in outfits that were extremely wicked and unseemly in those days, such as miniskirts. In the 1950s, the burlesque style continued to develop and also created special forms, such as the pin-up culture.

Optically accentuated and placed in the spotlight, the female curves are always emphasized. In addition to a corset or a corsage, playful accessories with feathers and lace represent further essential elements of burlesque fashion. There are also waist briefs and panties. Sometimes with frills or lace, sometimes with classic pinstripes. The outfit of the glamorous diva is perfected by the indispensable gloves, as well as very feminine decorations such as pearls, ribbons, tassels and feathers. Simple: From a fashion point of view, burlesque is the art of creating a feminine and seductive mix of eroticism, style and glamour without really showing "something".

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