Coats & Jackets

Jackets and coats for women: perfect to combine with the dark punk, gothic, steampunk or even burlesque outfit - from short to long, from ultra-thin to warm.

Fine lace, shiny pearls, heavy velvet or cool studs, robust leather and heavy buckles - our jackets & coats for women complement your look: whether gothic, burlesque, steampunk, punk or simply seductively wild.

Charming jackets and coats from Punk Rave, Killstar, Dark in Love and Pentagramme

The beautiful and enchanting ladies jackets and coats in this category are by no means exclusively warm, fluffy gothic clothes, which are only suitable for the cold and dark season.
No, quite the opposite. You are at a party. Maybe it's spring, or already late summer and the event takes place outside. For indoors, and it depends on the type of party, the fine, black touch of nothing you wear on your gentle body is enough. But outdoors the temperatures are not suitable for very thin clothes. With a thin brocade coat by Punk Rave, a dark romantic jacket by Dark in Love in bat look, or a delicate stylish mesh bolero by Killstar, you'll be perfectly prepared. Decorate yourself with the top. You have the choice. Dear Gothic Uniform. A peplum jacket made of black velvet with stand-up collar and trumpet sleeves makes you a military Gothic Queen. While a black brocade bolero jacket with brown accents fits better to a steampunk outfit. The designers at Punk Rave have come up with something really special with a zip-off transition jacket in a used look with wax finish. The style skilfully combines elements of heavy metal and post-apocalyptic cyber-punk. Lacing, zips and straps with buckles provide a robust look, while the studs on the shoulders add an extra hard touch.

Unique designs for your gothic style

The coats and jackets in our gothic shop are expressive, high quality, dreamlike and beguiling. Each design is a dark masterpiece. From Gothic to Punk, Steampunk, Victorian and Burlesque. High quality processed with extraordinary elements. Gorgeous floral ornaments and brocade patterns look lovely and playful with dark romantic ladies' tails or noble frock coats. Flock prints on exquisite materials enchant the design. Playful details such as lacings, beads, trimmings and stand-up collars made of lace or charming puffed sleeves combine to create a beautiful, fascinating gloomy look and transform you into a queen of the night.