Devil Fashion men's collection autumn/winter 2020

Devil Fashion men\'s collection autumn/winter 2020 - Devil Fashion men\'s collection autumn/winter 2020
2020-11-04 13:12:00 / General Info

New menswear for autumn and winter by Devil Fashion

Unusual gothic fashion suitable for different body sizes is only available for the lovely dark female? Satan, get away from me! If you still believe in this outdated horror fairy tale, you have clearly not browsed our Boudoir Noir Shop for a long time! The latest Devil Fashion men's collection Autumn-Winter 2020, for example, shows just what is possible these days for men. No matter if the dress-conscious, dark man's heart beats for post-apocalypse, cyber-goth, steampunk or classic gothic, here you will find exquisite and high-quality products at their best! A short introduction to what is currently in style for the fashion-conscious male creature of the night can be found here!

Variety is our black trump card!

The really outstanding thing about our unique gothic scene is that there is no such thing as a classic fashion trend. Both men and women are completely free in the design of their individual black outfits. Of course we have a special preference for dark and often heavy fabrics, we love it opulent and extravagant. But whether someone, for example, opts for cyber-goth or prefers an imaginative mixture of gothic and steampunk is still up to each and everyone.

The fashion label Devil Fashion has deeply internalised this outstanding characteristic of the black scene for a long time and devotionally implements this openness for different unusual trends in its dark collections. This is also again demonstrated by their brand new men's collection Autumn-Winter 2020.

Unusual dark fashion for men with style (variety)!

Let's take a closer look at the extravagant men's clothing that is eagerly awaiting its use at the (hopefully soon possible again) gothic party or the steampunk market, but also in the "normal" dark everyday life!

There we discover fancy men's coats and weird leather waistcoats, which are made of different exquisite materials, like imitation leather or fur but also denim, and which are skilfully spiced up with numerous decorations. We see adventurous-looking end-of-the-world jeans, martial-looking kilts and cyber-style shirts, which impressively present style-loving gentlemen of the night in a masculine way. In keeping with the signs of the times, the gentleman who loves the post-apocalypse can also reach for an impressive steampunk mouth and nose mask.

High quality and perfectly fitting

Fortunately, the dark fashion label not only stands for a fascinating variety of styles, but the available size range from S to 4XL (or double sizes in this size range) is truly exceptional. Moreover, as a customer you can be sure that the sizes indicated have actually been made to fit. To be on the safe side when choosing the right size, just take a look at the measurements given with the garments and compare them with a comparable garment from your own wardrobe. Another great feature is the so-called Outfit Check, which offers you further interesting details about the high-quality fashion items for the dark scene. You get to know the cut, material, elasticity and material thickness of your extravagant favourites and can thus visualise your new favourite articles in advance and then really hit the mark!

Boudoir Noir: Relaxed and hellishly good shopping at home!

Have you now tasted blood, dear gentlemen of the night, through our lines about the winter Devil Fashion collection? Then make yourself comfortable in front of your screen with a nice glass of red wine (in colder temperatures it can also be a mulled wine) and let your eyes wander over our hellishly good offers in the Boudoir Noir Shop. Here the dreamy gothic, the wild buccaneer or martial end time warriors will find adequate wardrobe at fantastically moderate prices. We wish you a damn good online shopping experience!