Devil Fashion

Devil Fashion – devilishly dark dressed

Devil Fashion and Eva Lady - two brands that guarantee dark fashion with quality and standards. Since 2015 the two labels have been delighting fans of gothic, steampunk and Victorian fashion all over the world. Especially in their fifth year of existence, the two labels have to deal with very special challenges, which they face with confidence.
Actually, 2020 would have been a reason to celebrate for Devil Fashion, because for five years the popular fashion brand has held its ground on the international market and has grown. As we all know, 2020 was a different story, and for Raymond Zhou and his team, the world put on the brakes much earlier than here. Hong Kong and the bordering region around the metropolis of Guangzhou, also known to us as Canton, is not only the home of Raymond but also of his company, which creates and distributes not only the brand Devil Fashion but also the breathtakingly elegant women's fashion under the label Eva Lady. The region around Guangzhou is a stronghold of fashion production, whereby Raymond not only produces, but from the design concept to the distribution of the two labels everything is created within the young Chinese company.

Dark fashion form men and women

Raymond is fascinated and excited by dark fashion and the black scene in general. For him, the dark mysticism as well as the historical and cultural significance are particularly attractive and appealing. He often finds the ideas for his collections in places where one can let one's imagination run wild, the young family father confesses. Video games, film characters, but also novel heroes provide him and his team with the ideas that are then reflected in the women's and men's collections. With a smile Raymond admits that the selection of women's fashion from his house is also larger than that for men, if only because the label Eva Lady focuses exclusively on the lovely femininity. But the businessman in him admits that the men's articles generate a very significant share of sales and are in great demand.

From everyday Punk to victorian elegance

Devil Fashion concentrates on high quality fashion from gothic, punk and steampunk. The designs are suitable for everyday use as well as for elaborate festival or stage outfits. So this devilish fashion is not only hellishly cool, but also available at moderate prices. Exuberant opulence full of feminine elegance with lovingly and elaborately designed details characterizes especially the creations of Eva Lady. These range from evening wear to noble and seductive nightwear. Who thinks now, "ah! - "Eva Lady", like Adam's seductress in paradise" is on the wrong track. The brand name Eva Lady does not have a biblical, but a very worldly background : Eva Chen is chief designer of Eva Lady and Devil Fashion. She is Raymond's business partner and is infatuated with the aristocratic sophistication of the gowns, so without further ado her name was adopted in Eva's favorite design line.

Women’s power for breathtakingly feminine design

Eva, who is in her mid-thirties, is responsible for all designs at Devil Fashion and Eva Lady and is also the proud mother of five-year-old twins. In the huge metropolitan area around Guangzhou and Hong Kong she probably has the longest way to work, Raymond tells us compassionately. "At home, she manages to cook excellently in addition to her daily family life ... Her dishes are just as fantastic as her fashion designs," Raymond enthuses about his colleague. But Raymond also has a four-year-old son and can look forward to more family growth in 2020. And when he still has some time for himself between family and work, his love for his motorcycles comes first.

Logistics obstracles in defiance : in human terms, the pandemic is bringing business partners closer together

Raymond looks back on the last few months very thoughtfully. "Already during our Chinese New Year vacations, which take place from late January to early February, the scale of the epidemic became apparent and we were all initially paralyzed by the shock of what was happening. Then the family came first. But it was clear that we had to contribute together as a society and then, under the highest security measures, we sewed masks instead of dark and romantic fashion for celebrating, dancing, living and enjoying". Like many Chinese fashion manufacturers, Devil Fashion provided its customers and business partners with free disposable masks, especially at a time when masks were becoming scarce in Central Europe. "We knew that all this would only be a drop in the ocean, but still, at least for me, it had a lasting effect on our relationships with our customers and partners overseas. In addition to design, purchasing and production, direct contact with the customers has always been the most important thing for me. That's what I enjoy most about being in contact with the most diverse retailers around the world and to move new things together. So you could say that at least these contacts have won 2020. Suddenly we had other, ultimately much more important topics besides size and shipping details. Perhaps this pandemic teaches us that we as a world are moving a little closer together and paying more attention to each other.