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Devil Fashion: Exclusive Gothic fashion for sophisticated children of the night!

Romantic goth, dark wedding, and post-apocalypse clubwear: Devil Fashion is the special fashion label with a focus on sophisticated gothic fashion and high-quality fashion accessories, perfect for unusual ladies and gentlemen with a penchant for the dark and morbid. Romantic goth, passionate fan of the end times or contemplative dark bride, this extravagant fashion brand has something for all of you! The creative team behind the design forge, which is very popular in the international underground, especially likes to play with romantic facets and stylish Victorian details, but also with the dark fashion trend "destroyed" (frayed and tattered), the end-time or wasteland warrior is always optimally served by Devil Fashion.


Devil Fashion clothing: the greatest possible variety for dark ladies and gentlemen with style!

The unusual fashion label around head designer Eva Cheng offers a lavish assortment from which fans of Gothic, Steampunk, Punk and End Times can draw to the fullest. For the gentleman, everything from exquisite frock coats, stylish trousers and festive waistcoats to shapely shirts and top hats are on offer to make him look good as hell in everyday life or at night. The female counterpart can choose from long and short dresses and skirts, elegant jackets, attractive waistcoats and much more as clubwear and daywear. When it comes to the design of extravagant women's and men's fashion, opulent embellishments with braid, lace and embroidery rich in nuances are the preferred focus. Precious materials such as brocade and velvet are artfully combined. In addition to the ubiquitous black, the preferred colours include a touch of red from time to time or the look is skilfully accentuated with a white shirt.

Victorian style, perfect for stylish but also wicked moments

With Victorian Gothic styles by Devil Fashion, it is child's play to present yourself as a stylish Romantic Goth who stands out from the crowd. If you want to be more seductive, the dark romantic style can also be seen in the frivolous lingerie look, which uses semi-transparent materials with pearls, flowers and feathers! Of course, such a Victorian-inspired dress is also great for a gloomy Gothic wedding. With the exquisite garments, the Dark Bride can put together an expressive ensemble for the walk down the dark Wedding aisle in no time at all. Sophisticated details such as lace appliqués, filigree black beads, fabric flowers and soft feathers make the special Dark Bride outfit perfect for the unique moment. Of course, the groom doesn't have to take a back seat when planning an exquisite appearance either. With elegant trousers, a high-quality brocade waistcoat, a figure-flattering ruffled shirt and a high-quality top hat, the festive garb for the gothic wedding is created quickly and easily.

Punk designs by Devil Fashion: always different!

Punk's not dead! When you look at the unusual punk fashion of this designer, that' s absolutely no wonder. The imaginative outfits can not only be used as wicked clubwear, they are also absolutely suitable for everyday wear, depending on the combination of the garments! Here, tight short tops and skimpy vinyl bustiers meet the currently particularly popular destroyed look. Frayed and tattered, that's definitely important with the shirts and jeans of this wasteland style. Combined with unusual gadgets made of metal and leather, artfully decorated with D- and O-rings, but also rivets and eyelets, the stylish statement is quickly expressed.

Multifaceted steampunk, from the nobility to the working class!

When it comes to clothing, those who are enthusiastic about steampunk naturally prefer the warm brown tones and bronze-coloured details typical of this style. A long and wide-swinging skirt or a straight-cut leg dress, combined with a figure-hugging waistcoat, a long frock coat or a smart waistcoat, looks incredibly elegant and distinguished! But it doesn't always have to be the aloof upper class of this bygone era that is so in vogue with many Victorian-inspired lovers of the retro-futuristic scene. Why not infuse a little authenticity into your personal wardrobe for once? And present yourself in the manner of the working class of the time, who once really did set off into a new tomorrow full of a thirst for action and invention? Devil Fashion makes this possible with exciting fantasy fashion made of (vegan) leather in a used look and coarse materials in a linen look, with worn and often stained skirts and trousers and frayed ruffled shirts. All of this, of course, excitingly spiced up with important, special details, such as an ornate ornament in antique gold or bronze or an O-ring here and there made of copper.

Post-apocalypse and end times: imaginative designs for LARP events and everyday life!

Mad Max, The 100 and Wasteland send their regards: The completely crazy mix between warrior and steampunk for tinkerers and hobbyists of this special fashion brand leaves no odd wishes unfulfilled for a post-apocalypse and end-time outfit in a class of its own. The tattered and frayed warrior outfits by Devil Fashion can look daring and dangerous, but also lost and romantic, depending on the combination. Anyone who can get excited about the end of the world can easily put together a completely individual, offbeat outfit based on numerous basics and with a spark of imagination and really make an impression at the next end-time events.

That is: Evil Fashion that attracts.