Environment & Sustainability

Boudoir Noir and protecting the environment: Sustainability is not impossible when selling online!

Especially when it comes to sustainability and environmental protection, online shops don't have a particularly good reputation per se. However, for the scope and selection of our products from the dark and gloomy gothic niche, an existence without the world wide web would not be possible at all. 

Good service is important to us!

The World Wide Web provides you, as well as us, with fashion beyond mainstream, which can neither be found in the city centres nor in local shops, especially in the countryside. Gothic fashion at fair prices, with fair conditions from production to transport and distribution. For us, the focus remains on humanity, even online: Boudoir Noir may be an online gothic shop, but it is humans and not IT processes and technology that determine the pace here. We are happy to provide you with direct advice (by phone, chat or email) and give you exact size recommendations, regardless of your gender. To do this, we really have tried on ALL items in person, because this is the only way we can correctly assess the special features, size and fit.

Boudoir Noir: thought-out and active sustainability

Sustainability and environmental protection are also very important to us. Because even if we " only " run a gothic shop online, we can still act sustainably when it comes to storing, packing and shipping our exclusive goods! So we send your orders as climate-neutral DHL parcels with GoGreen. Our packaging is of course licensed in accordance with the German Packaging Act (via intersoh) and registered in the German Packaging Register. Our intensive and personal customer service regarding your gloomy fashion purchase ultimately serves not only your individual happiness, but is also quite pragmatically intended to prevent unnecessary shipping back and forth of fashion items that don't fit or that you don't like.

When it comes to electricity, even Boudoir Noir puts colour into the game: namely green.

As much as we children of the night love darkness, we don't completely shun sunlight. So we also concede sunny days a right to exist, because the electricity for our office and warehouse is produced right on the roof with the power of the burning planet. Should this source not be sufficient for a moonlit night's work, we only buy 100% green electricity. So from the use of the coffee machine to the heating, we at Boudoir Noir make sure that our ecological footprint is as small as possible. 

Smart packaging and shipping!

Of course, not everything works out smoothly, sometimes a garment doesn't fit perfectly after all or you just don't like it. But we have taken a little precaution for that too: the majority of our goods are packed for storage and shipping in practical zip-seal bags that we can reuse. We specifically ask you, our customers, not to "destroy" these. This saves a lot of plastic waste, even if an item has to be returned. If an item of clothing has to be exchanged, we check whether the cardboard box can survive another journey to you and then use it again for the new shipment. This may not look quite as nice, but it's good for the environment. Of course, we then label these boxes with a "reused shipping box" sticker. So far, no one has been bothered by this. But in our community, that would be very surprising!

We trade online. As a small Gothic shop, we at Boudoir Noir are committed to sustainable conditions in fashion trade, so that you, our valued customers, our suppliers and partners, as well as ourselves, can continue to enjoy darkly romantic evil fashion. 

For the sake of our environment and also our own children!