Feminine seductive from soft to hard for everyday life, parties or a glittering event: our punk and gothic fashion attracts.

Dark romantic fashion for her - Gothic, Burlesque, Lolita, Victorian, Visual Kei, Steampunk and much more. The hottest outfits from the darkest labels on the scene: Punk Rave, Pentagramme, Killstar, Vintage Goth, just to name a few. Here women will find the perfect outfit for a festival, a sparkling event but also for days when standard fashion is not on the agenda.

In our Gothic Shop: Evil fashion that attracts

Our motto is program. Especially in dark fashion, it is all about expressing your own attitude to life through a unique style of clothing. Nothing shows the environment more about yourself than your own appearance. We define ourselves by what we wear. And the variety is almost infinite. Every woman (and every man, of course) is allowed to ask herself when looking into her own wardrobe why she has nothing, or not the right clothes to wear. And once again, when it comes to such a special clothing style. Gothic has an infinite number of appearances. So come on - don't hesitate.

If you feel like dark romanticism today...

...then go for the Victorian, like a black frilly blouse with puff sleeves and lots of lace. High-necked with a small cameo or a beautiful necklace with baroque ornaments. You can pimp up the Victorian touch with a bodice belt or corset belt. Of course also in black. Tone-in-tone looks noble. It's different with steampunk. In the epoch of retro-futurism, brown tones are very popular. These are often combined with white or black. Classical steampunk skirts are striped, whereby there is any gradation from fine pinstripes to wide stripes. Ornaments with flounces, as well as small gadgets like gears or imitation of bullets refine the look. Women also wear top hats. This is not a male domain here. And belt or hip pockets additionally appear extremely cheeky.

But evil fashion is not only defined by gothic and steampunk...

...but also by burlesque, for example. This slightly naughty thing can be achieved by showing a lot and yet nothing and by leaving a lot of room for the imagination of the viewer besides beautiful, tight clothing. A well laced corset with chopsticks unfolds its effect when it is underlined with little things, as for example a seductive lace bustle, a choker for the neck decorated with black gemstones and a light feather fan in the hand. Of course, the hair ornament in the form of a filigree rose should not be missing.

Optically more rustic it becomes the more we move towards the Middle Ages

In the modern version, the LARP, i.e. the life-action roleplay, it often happens that the playful element, for example the lace is reduced and more buckles and studs move into the clothing style. Or the ladies become noble ladies and slip into wide swinging, floor-length velvet dresses with trumpet sleeves.

You want to marry in Gothic style?

No problem. Evil fashion doesn't stop at the altar. Even if we can't and don't want to call ourselves classic wedding outfitters, we can create extremely enchanting looks, especially for the ladies, that will make the most beautiful day an unforgettable experience. Which groom would not like to give his bride in a provocative halterneck corsage dress or pecil skirt with seductive lacing the yes-word.

After all, it is not important to exactly reproduce a certain, defined style

What is allowed is what pleases. The really amazing and beautiful thing about the subculture of the dark souls is the unconditional tolerance that one encounters again and again in this community. It doesn't matter who you are, only that you are.

Be yourself!