Evil fashion for HIM

From masculine elegance to cool alternative styles, our gothic fashion for men offers extraordinary styles...

Black fashion for men: In our Gothic Shop you will find the perfect outfit for every occasion in sizes S to 5XL - whether gothic, steampunk, punk or metal. Tailcoat, vest, coat, t-shirt, top, trousers or shirt in many sizes but only a few colours. We offer the darkest brands in the fashion industry: From Punk Rave to Devil Fashion, from Necessary Evil to Pentagramme.






Evil fashion for men! Evil enough?

Black-robed men's fashion in general is often said to be not as diverse and varied in choice as that of the gothic ladies. But does the Queen of Darkness really have so much more choice? We wouldn't sign it like that. Maybe it's true that the pure number of different clothes is generally higher for the female sex, but the combination possibilities and the variety to create your own dark look and to make your own expressive optical statement as Lord of Darkness are given with us anyway. Gothic styles are infinitely diverse. From androgynous to super-masculine, from dark romantic with brocade and frills, to the outfit of a warrior in a rivet-trimmed doublet, every facet is represented and can be represented. All according to the individual taste of the respective black soul.





Brocade is an essential feature of a Victorian look

Characterized by the typical floral patterns, it looks just as good on trousers as on waistcoats or tailcoats. Brocade is visually simply beautiful to look at and looks very noble. Looked up with a ruched shirt with ruffled sleeves, a man quickly becomes a nobleman. But it is precisely with a little love for detail that the optical difference can be made. And an elegant top hat is only one piece of the whole. A plastron around the neck, refined with a brooch set with gemstones. In addition, an opulent cummerbund made of silk-matt twill, or in leather look, trimmed with baroque ornaments. The hands are decorated by elaborately worked and lace decorated brocade gloves. And in the twinkling of an eye the nobleman becomes something very special and unique.

The forms become more straightforward when it comes to uniform or military

Epaulettes, large buttons and trimmings characterize a mostly figure-hugging look, which allows authority and severity to be portrayed and yet is not stingy with playfulness. Stretch materials are used here. Crossbars set in a row with metal on plain fabric, plus a small stand-up collar and large cuffs. Pin some nice medals on your lapel and you'll transform into a Gothic General, ready to command the dark and gloomy auxiliary army of black souls.

For real guys who like it less dark romantic...

... but more dark and daring, the wardrobe opens with rivets, straps and leather look. No less detailed and playful. Whether in the style of a gothic assassin from the past days of the Middle Ages, with a martial-looking hood, long apron and mask, or more as a modern, dark warrior with buckle-trimmed leather vest, shoulder protectors and spiked studs, there are no limits to your imagination. And here, too, various accessories can be used to set accents that turn a look into a masculine statement.

As wild gothic parties or steampunk events...

... are often held outdoors, most alternative festivals anyway, the outer should not be neglected. Here our evil fashion also offers best alternatives. A long heavy cape sets its own optical statement. By the way, a coat in leather look with shoulder cape is doing this just as well. Dive into the world of celebrations, parties and events. From steampunk to post-apocalyptic festivals in the style of Wasteland, to the annual super classic - the WGT - Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig, the event calendar is filled with possibilities every year.

Whatever outfit you slip into, don't dress up, but always be yourself.