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Evil fashion that attracts

Boudoir Noir - your online shop for gothic, steampunk and burlesque clothing

"Black, black, black are all my clothes ... "*.

Black is not a colour, but from a purely technical point of view "the absence of light", i.e. darkness, gloom, night. In the so-called dark scene there is a multitude of very different people who all have a tendency towards the dark and gloomy. The dark scene is often given the umbrella term Gothic, although this is only partly correct, because many fashion and music styles are not Gothic but nevertheless part of the dark scene. At Boudoir Noir, we refuse to be impressed or driven by either fashion or style pigeonholes in our gothic shop. In our gothic online shop we offer fashion for women and men with a penchant for darkness and all those who find the darkness as beautiful as we do.

Gothic fashion from everyday to unusual

In our Gothic Shop we offer a huge selection of Gothic apparel, with everything the black heart desires. But what exactly is Gothic? Can it be defined? Our answer is yes and no. First of all, Gothic is characterised purely visually by black clothes. This often makes it easy to recognise a black soul from the outside. Gothic styles are highly diverse and range from playful Victorian, to rough punk, to starkly straightforward uniform. From medieval, to retro-futuristic steampunk, to almost techno-heavy cyber-gothic. In our opinion, this is particularly impressive to see at festivals in the Goth scene. Black is clearly the predominant colour there. And at events like the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig, the Amphi Festival in Cologne or the M'era Luna in Hildesheim, it's a goosebump moment every time when we mingle with the crowd of black-clad soul-mate goths and all celebrate our favourite bands and music together. But the outward appearance is of course only part of our dark scene. And being gothic can't always be defined by gloomy styling and extravagant black clothing. Because being Goth is much more than that. Being Gothic is an attitude to life. A lifestyle. It comes from within, from the heart and soul.

Gothic - a musically inspired subculture

And a very wonderful aspect of the umbrella term "Gothic" is that the scene is so incredibly diverse. Gothic is a subculture with the most diverse facets. Lovers of electronic music as well as fans of gothic rock or gothic metal can be found here. Here, everyone meets together and has the same aim. To live out one's own passion and simply be who you want to be - peacefully and together.
We at Boudoir Noir cover many of these facets in our Gothic Shop, so that there is something for every Dark Lord or Dark Queen. So just click in and browse. We also offer a lot of possibilities to contact us in our Gothic Online Shop. Service and assistance are very important to Boudoir Noir. Especially when it comes to questions about sizes or the availability of our gothic items. Admittedly, it is not always easy to find the right size for your new favourite black piece. That's why we have not only included a size chart for almost every item so that you can find the right size as quickly and easily as possible - even for sizes up to 5XL - but for many of our gothic products you will find a useful tip via a small icon that describes our personal experience with this particular item. Furthermore, we also offer the possibility to contact us via chat, mail or phone. This way we can find the right item for you and answer all your questions about our gothic fashion. 
The assortment in our Gothic Shop is very versatile. And so that we can always offer competent and comprehensive advice, it is particularly important for us that we have tested and tried on every item ourselves before they make it into our range. This is the only way we can answer questions about fit, material and cut. And not only in German, but also in English or Spanish.

Gothic wedding fashion at Boudoir Noir

Many fans of the dark scene want to give special days in their lives a truly special touch. For example, their own wedding. Not every bride wants to walk down the aisle in a classic wedding dress, but rather spend the festive day as a breathtaking dark bride. Like in a fairy tale, both the bride's dress and the groom's wedding suit may be designed with Victorian details, opulent fabrics such as brocade and velvet and ornaments made of braid and lace. Gothic fashion offers an almost unlimited variety of extraordinary possibilities for noble, special and unusual wedding styles. From playful with a tightly laced corset and black lace for the bride, to a baroque uniform with a steampunk-look frock coat, an elaborately decorated cummerbund, medals on the lapel and a walking cane. Just get in touch with us. We will find the perfect style for your Gothic wedding.

Environmental responsibility as our daily commitment

An online shop, whether it is a Gothic shop or not, has a special responsibility. Namely the responsibility to act in an environmentally conscious way. We are aware of this responsibility at Boudoir Noir and we take this very seriously. The large number of parcels that leave our shop every day and make their way around the world to their recipients, we of course want to send in as environmentally compatible a manner as possible. This is not just a matter of paying our legally required packaging taxes, but the topic environment goes much further for us. For years, we have been shipping our parcels with DHL in a CO2-neutral manner using GoGreen. We ship in recyclable cardboard boxes and we try to reuse the ziplock bags of our items if and as often as possible. We make sure that we reuse the shipping box for an exchange. This means that it may not look brand new, but it saves valuable resources. This benefits our environment and is well received by our customers.

Responsibility for our environment also means that we generate all the electricity we need for our office and warehouse from renewable sources. The building we are located in is powered exclusively by green electricity and is a zero-emissions building. We are a gothic shop and therefore the colour black plays a significant role for us, but for our environmental awareness, green comes first. And we are very proud of that.

All items on offer are in stock and available immediately

Boudoir Noir is a pure gothic online shop. With us you can shop online 24/7. We do not operate a traditional shop with opening hours. We ship our extravagant styles worldwide and all gothic fashion items, gothic accessories and gothic lifestyle products that are available online in our shop are in our warehouse, ready to be shipped. And precisely because we have all the goods on site, it is a particularly important concern for us that every single order is also processed as quickly as possible and makes its way to you as our customers. Normally, this means that every paid order that reaches us before 1 p.m. leaves our premises on the same day and is handed over to the parcel service. In addition, we consider the transmission of the tracking number to you, our valued black-clad customers, to be a standard service.
But just because we don't run a physical shop doesn't mean that you can't come and try on our clothes directly. Our office doubles as a showroom and modern boudoir, with a fitting room and direct access to the warehouse. We would be delighted to welcome you directly to the heart of our gothic shop by prior appointment.

Boudoir Noir presents gothic fashion at selected trade fairs

It is not only at festivals, parties and concerts that our dark-coloured gothic world is very much in the public eye. This is where like-minded people meet to celebrate, relax and exchange ideas. Trade fairs are also becoming increasingly popular. Trade fairs for gothic lifestyle or related scenes with a somewhat more frivolous character offer a great platform for all participants to find out about trends and possibilities and to look beyond their own borders and discover new ideas. Boudoir Noir is also represented at selected trade fairs with its own Gothic Shop booth, bringing part of the extensive range of Gothic fashion from the online Gotic Shop to the baroque Boudoir Noir on a temporary basis, which offers black fashion to touch and try on.

Our unique gothic range of black fashion.

At Boudoir Noir we offer a unique range of gothic fashion and dark romantic styles with a wide selection of extravagant deep black fashion. Clothing, and accessories for men and women for a variety of styles. From head to toe, you'll find gothic clothing from top brands such as Punk Rave, Dark in Love, Necessary Evil, Killstar, Phaze, Devil Fashion, Pentagrame, Eva Lady and RQ-BL to name but a few.

Gothic clothing from dark-coloured to black

Whether Gothic fashion in its darkly romantic variant with Victorian influences or more classic designs for the black goth. Lace is an essential part of the Victorian influence and is reminiscent of the mourning fashion of this era. Whether on the sleeves of a high-necked frill blouse or as a stylish choker. Playfully decorated buttons and ruffles, plus all kinds of accessories with pearls, necklaces and even a little skull here and there are the essence of an effective gothic outfit.

For dark gothic ladies and gloomy gothic lords

Figure-hugging laced gothic corsages and corsets give ladies in black an irresistible appearance. A matching skirt: from mini over midi to long, from pleated skirts over pencil skirts to mermaid skirts or wide swinging flounce skirts, always deep black but now and then with blood-red details for an appearance that does a vampire justice. Gothic trousers offer an alternative: simple, figure-hugging, with buckles or eye-catching trimmings, depending on your taste. But we also have Gothic dresses in our range, from short to long, from tight to wide. From Dark Romance with lots of lace and pearls to the everyday Nu Goth dress for a perfect Corprate Goth appearance in the office. They are always an eye-catcher. For all ladies who prefer something a little more plain, we have a large selection of gothic shirts and tunics. Stretch usually plays a role here and ensures that the figure is emphasised. Lacing, ribbons, asymmetrical cuts and trumpet as well as puff sleeves are always found in the melancholic gothic style. Just right for pale faces with expressive dark eyes.

For gentlemen, we at Boudoir Noir offer great options for dressing either as a classic nobleman, with a frilled shirt, gothic tailcoat and brocade trousers. A cummerbund with baroque patterns is a perfect match. Or you may prefer to choose the tougher version of the dark warrior. Medieval doublet and shoulder protector in leather look are just as suitable here as arm warmers, half gloves and a kilt. Men's skirts and kilts in classic Scottish cuts as well as imaginative creations inspired by heroes from movies and video games are particularly popular.

Burlesque, or the art of seducing without really showing anything.

We also carry more daring outfits for a provocative burlesque look in very different variations. Tight shorts and seductive corsets conjure up a seductive burlesque look of a naughty femme fatale. Hair accessories include a fanciful fascinator and black lace gloves on the hands. With tassels and frills and playful pasties underneath. After all, burlesque is about showing a lot, but never everything....

Steampunk clothing for retro-futuristic adventurers and explorers

Steampunk clothing and accessories are very popular. After all, here the focus is on retro-futurism. The adventure novels of the 19th century French writer Jules Verne have a decisive influence on this look. It is about imagining the technology of the future from the perspective of the past. Translated into the language of fashion, this means that fans of steampunk dress predominantly in shades of brown, black and gold. Gothic women's tails, steampunk waistcoats, frilly shirts and trousers. Often decorated with true-to-style details such as gears, ornaments, chains and leather straps. Plus steampunk holsters for fantasy weapons around the hip, leg or shoulder. Very typical are backpack superstructures with all kinds of optical and mechanical devices. Probably the best-known characteristic of a steampunk is the goggle. A mixture of aviator and welding goggles.

Strict uniform style for exciting games of dominance and submission

The strictness of a uniform, or sometimes just a hint of something military, has its own special effect. Rather classic in style, a figure-hugging cut of trousers, waistcoat or jacket, as well as epaulettes and crossbars are almost indispensable for a uniform look, along with eye-catching buttons and trimmings. Double-breasted buttons on the uniform jacket create a severe look and riding trousers, so-called breeches worn with high boots create a sublime authority in your uniform look.

Imaginative stylings for exciting LARP events from the Middle Ages to the future.

LARP stands for Life Action Role Playing and describes a live role-playing game. You slip into a role and physically live out this character. The scenarios are often set in the Middle Ages. Knights and maids, rulers, noble ladies and servants, as well as subordinates take part in the often epochal events. This can be more or less authentic. Depending on taste. Here, there are no limits to the imagination. Suitable for this, we carry many LARP articles that are excellent for staging such a character.

Rebellious punk for an outfit that follows no rules

The visually fiercest clothing and accessories can be attributed to punk. As known from famous punk musicians like Billy Idol to the Sex Pistols, but also the German-speaking bands like Die Ärzte or Die Toten Hosen, chains, torn fabrics and rivets in punk fashion speak a language of rebellion. A vinyl skirt with tulle looks simply fantastic and accentuates optical anarchy. Other typical elements are those made of fishnet, which are incorporated into shirts or trousers. Try adding a few punk elements to your styling. You will see what a stunning effect small changes can have.

Of course, there are countless shades between the different styles. And finally, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with and identify with what you are wearing. Whether as a mere disguise or as an expression of self-identity. Let yourself be inspired and find the look that suits you and your imagination.

Black fashion of the hottest brands

Consider our gothic online shop as the start to your new black outfit. The manufacturers of our dark fashion are the hottest brands of the dark scene. There's Punk Rave with its extravagant dark gothic styles. Pentagrams with opulent Victorian styles. The collections of Devil Fashion move between Victorian mourning style and cool seductive fetish look. At the same time, they are always very noble and of high quality. Every nobleman and warrior of the night will find something here. Dark in Love will turn you into a Queen of Darkness. With the unusual accessories from Restyle, a gothic personality will emerge in no time at all.  Killstar delivers young and uncompromisingly wacky gothic fashion and nu goth clothing. For the gents, we have Vintage Goth, a manufacturer that perfects retro-futurism with its authentic steampunk fashion.

That's us: Boudoir Noir - evil fashion that attracts.

* Translation of German lyrics taken from folk song (19th century) and German lyrics from the song "Schwarz" (2013) by the band Stahlmann.

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