Jackets, blouses, coats, tops, shirts, waistcoats, corsages and corsets for the unusual ladies outfit in gothic, steampunk, punk and victorian style.
Everything a woman likes to wear: from a tight corset top, blouse, corset, shirt, jacket, women's tailcoat to a coat, women will find tops for a fancy Victorian, Gothic, Punk, Steampunk or Burlesque outfit here.

Ruches, lace, braids, rivets, buckles, braids and many more great gadgets can be found here with our fabulous tops for women.


The top is important

For all styles of dark fashion and black-robed lifestyle there is of course the matching mystical top. The Lady of the Dark will find a wide selection of wonderful extraordinary gothic shirts, Victorian blouses and rock tops, which will become an indispensable part of her wardrobe. From the most popular manufacturers of the scene like Punk Rave or Pentagrams and many more.

Unusual and richly ornamented tops like jackets and cardigans in black characterize the collection. But also unusual tops from plain to wicked. Victorian blouses long or short sleeves. Playful with frills and flounces, gathers and fringes, as well as rich ornaments, or simply classically straight and uniformly severe. Last but not least corsets are in demand as THE eye-catcher of a Gothic outfit. Of course also in black.

But black does not only mean black in the gothic scene

Let's just call it dark coloured. Dark colored tops for the mystic queen of darkness. Beautiful to look at and very comfortable to wear. Made of great materials like lace or jacquard. With floral patterns or simpler leather look. Partly stretch to fit tightly to the body and to emphasize the figure of the wearer. A touch of fetish style is also allowed. Then chains and straps as well as buckles and D-rings play a big role. Also the materials are different in the fetish area. Lacquer and leather in mostly skin-tight forms put the black-robed wearer in a new light. Especially a vinyl dress in wrap-around look will attract your attention and especially that of your fellow men. For a bondage style, however, straps and buckles are required.
As basic outfit we also offer classic T-shirts with steampunk or gothic print or hoodies.

Boleros are very popular with gothic ladies

These extra short jackets, which usually consist of more sleeves and less jacket, are offered in different materials. Whether pure lace with opulent trumpet sleeves or solid jacquard material with short puff sleeves are classically found in almost all wardrobes. Therefore we also offer very beautiful ones in the most different, gloomy designs.

A special highlight of our collection are the women's vests. High-necked, with frill decorated stand-up collar. Closed with zipper, but the chest is left out. This leaves many variation possibilities and even more room for fantasy. Made of pleasant velour or faux leather.

There are a lot of details to discover on Gothic ladies tops. Stand-up collar with or without strengthening. Shaped in bat-look. Lapels in bat style. Suitable for Dracula. Buttons in different shapes. Strikingly large, or in the shape of delicate roses. Made of metal or covered with velvet. As far as the collar neckline is concerned: the deeper, the more wicked. The more buttoned up, the more Biedermeier style. Transparent for sharp insights, or opaque velvet. Décolleté is trendy.

The sleeves, if long-sleeved, are often designed in trumpet sleeve shape. This looks attractive, opulent and graceful at the same time. Poetry sleeves or flounce sleeves are also very popular. With or without cuff. Short-sleeved blouses often appear in the uniform style. Sometimes you can also find winged sleeves here.

Lacings are typical for the fashionable style of dark romanticism

Not always with real function, but also often as decorative lacing. This adds the finishing touch to the look and characterizes the dark romantic garment as such. This is especially the case with jackets.
With corsages and corsets, however, the lacing is a crucial detail. Corsets are by no means garments from days long gone. Even if they are hardly to be found in everyday life nowadays, they play an important role in the dark scene. Well laced, it gives the wearer an elegant and graceful waist. Right down to the wasp waist. The incorporated bones provide for form stability. No matter if it is an underbust corset or an overbust corset. Corsages and corsets are made of firm cotton fabrics with brocade pattern or silky gloss.