Accessories for men: with gloves, mask, ring etc. punk and gothic fashion becomes a style guarantor for a slightly different look.

Spice up your outfit: Gloves, mask, ring or bracelet. Give your style the finishing touch with our accessories, which are precisely matched to gothic, steampunk, metal or punk looks.

The final touch of the men's gothic outfit is in the detail of the accessories

An attractive black men's shirt with cuffs and eye-catching buttons looks noble and dark. The brocade trousers also look great on you. But a real prince of darkness is only made of you by the additional details. First of all, the vest of your steampunk or uniform outfit can stand a few medals. This makes an impression and conveys authority. As a Victorian nobleman, you are getting ready for the Victorian picnic at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig. You round off your shirt with the slightly playful and ruffled stand-up collar with a jabot. Artfully designed with velvet or just made of floral lace it adorns your collar and gives your appearance exactly what makes a nobleman. As an absolute highlight you complete the plastron with a glittering brooch made of small sparkling gemstones.
Gloves are also an essential detail for the lord of dark rank. Brocade gloves with a large cuff and additionally set with opulent artificial stone make a stylish and noble impression at your Victorian or Venetian party. The large eye-catching hemispherical buttons fit perfectly to your frock coat.
And what would your look be without a suitable cummerbund?  It does not necessarily have to be made of satin or side and look classically simple. The cummerbund can become a real eye-catcher. And it does so when it is made of imitation leather and decorated with baroque ornaments. The width can be flexibly adjusted via the lacing on the back. You can get the stately with a walking stick with a martial pommel in the shape of a skull or a mystical claw. 

But also other men's accessories provide for your perfect gothic look.
Shoulder protectors in leather-look with buckles and straps give the LARP outfit a touch of the Middle Ages as well as something warlike, while a black or brown men's collar with upper arm pocket might fit better to a retro-futuristic steampunk outfit.

The dark mask is the mystical part of the Assassin.

Face masks over mouth and chin - not for protection - but for a threatening look, are more than impressive. A biker mask in leather look. Decorated with rivets, eyelets and straps. Similarly dangerous and martial like the bad guy Bane in the movie Batman The dark night rises. But we also offer less wild gothic accessories for men in our online shop. Buy men's top hats or uniform caps. Classic bronze steampunk goggles, arm warmers, shoulder bags and many other beautiful things. An absolute highlight is a feather cape. This beautiful unisex accessory you simply put over your shoulder. With a lacing in front to tie. Madness!