Gothic fashion tops for men: shirts, coats, vests, t-shirts and hoodies and much more you can find in our shop.

Here you can see all the men's tops in our assortment: from ruched shirts, steampunk vests, gothic and punk coats, tails and frock coats to t-shirts and tops.

At Boudoir Noir - your online shop for evil fashion that attracts, you will find a large selection of gothic men's tops. We have everything the black man's heart desires. And in the most different styles and from the hottest labels.

The Victorian style - elegance in frock coat and vest

As a dark lord, the question often arises as to what suits you best and what is the appropriate event. For example, for the Victorian picnic at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig, we recommend a noble look. A black gothic shirt with frills and a playful stand-up collar, which leaves room for a jabot or a flashy brooch. Wide poet's sleeves look elegant when worn with a tight-fitting vest with brocade pattern or trimmings. The opulent style of the King of the Night gains special extravagance with a figure-hugging frock coat or a noble tailcoat. Materials such as velvet and jacquard, paired with trimmings, eye-catching large buttons, cuffs or an asymmetric cut, as well as many small additional details, create the special and create exactly your own style.    

The bold look of the warrior

Whether post-apocalyptic party, medieval festival, cyber role playing, or simply leisure. If the outfit should be a little more daring, we offer men's gothic tops, which look very masculine with buckles, straps and studs. Leather-look, or Destroyed-Look with buckles are typical highlights of this genre. Especially with the mixture of cotton, synthetic fiber and artificial leather inserts, the designers of the cult brand Punk Rave have already set many an optical highlight. They also like to think unconventionally to create a fascinating sytle. The combination of soft velour as the basic material for a black figure-hugging men's shirt, with leather-look straps and golden buckles over the shoulders, as well as long imitation leather cuffs on the sleeves, is just one example of the creativity behind this dark romantic design.
From the LARP range, in the style of an assassin, neo-futuristic designs often have hoods. These look dark and daring and are suitable for sweaters, sweatshirts or jackets, as well as coats or hoodies.

Retro-futurism in men. Steampunk like from a novel by Jules Verne

Steampunk is typically characterized by brown, black and sometimes white colors. The materials are often a combination of leather look and cotton fabrics. In addition many different playful details. A brown striped men's vest under a twill short coat with asymmetric cut. Imitation leather applications and straps at the back give the typical steampunk look. Eye-catching golden buttons and the perfect steampunker.