Newly arrived products - for women and for men.

Here you will find newly arrived products - for him and for her.

We constantly get new, wicked fashion that attracts.

The selection of our gothic fashion assortment

The selection process of our dark fashion range is very intuitively driven and follows a clear idea. The most important thing is: In our assortment of gothic clothing and gothic accessories, items only make it into our collection if we personally like and appreciate them. Dark, original, wicked, stylish, black, and so on. That can be many things. Brocade trousers for men, petticoats for ladies, unisex suitcases, stylish nobleman men's tails, elegant gothic dresses, or even a bikini with skeleton hand print. It must be extraordinary. Normal is not ours. We would never add anything to our Boudoir Noir collection just to have it there. It goes against our philosophy of bad fashion, which is attractive.
Besides, it has to be high quality. And we're less concerned with any trends.

Where do we find the extravagant styles and accessories?

We are regularly on the road at Grufti festivals, Steampunk Festival, NDH concerts, Gothic fairs, parties and other darkly coloured events. Not only as exhibitors, but also as visitors. We love Gothic music in all possible Gothic styles and enjoy intensely the atmosphere of "our" black scene, because we are - from deepest, darkest conviction - a part of it. We maintain close contact with some of our fashion manufacturers, so that we can get an early idea of new collections and future offers. We make sure that we offer the most exciting styles for both gothic women's fashion and dark men's fashion. From Victorian to Lolita, from nobleman to punk. And of course also burlesque, steampunk and uniform. This goes from high-necked and simple to wicked and provocative. Of course, this also applies to Gothic accessories. So we hope to always meet your taste as exactly as possible. By the way, we are always happy to receive comments and feedback on our articles. If you like them and of course also if you don't like them. Suggestions from you, our customers, are always welcome.