Graceful, gloomy, martial - and always stylish

For the creation of beautifully appearing gloomy styles, vinyl and leather are particularly suitable. Two materials that lie pleasantly and comfortable on the skin. It does not matter whether it is real leather, or faux leather. Robust PVC, rivets, straps and zippers were initially style elements of the punk scene from the 80s. Twenty-first century styles are mostly far away from that. The materials have often remained the same, but the character has changed. While it used to be rather deliberately grungy, today a tempting shiny black vinyl outfit with rings and killer studs adorns the body of the queen of the night at the hottest parties of the goth scene. A tight, shiny bustier shows skin, but far from everything. Ideally suited as a clubwear top. A nice skin-tight vinyl pants transforms the wearer into a vamp not only at a music festival. And with countless detail-loving accessories, any look can be pimped even more sinister, or to an impressive party style. But PVC and leather are not only suitable for opulent appearances. Also discreetly integrated into classic materials such as jersey, lace or mesh create beautiful imaginative garments that visually characterize this great, gloomy and so beloved by us scene. From the handbag with chain decorated with a black skull from PUNK RAVE, to the strap harness with necklace decorated with pentagrams from KILLSTAR, to the women's Rio slip made of shiny black vinyl, the range of dark romantic gothic styles made of these great materials seems endless.

Gothic PVC and leather stands for soft and tough

For more robust jackets, leather or imitation leather is particularly suitable. Lacing on the back, or the arms with D-rings and straps. In addition, epaulettes with pointed killer rivets and already the dark soul is well equipped for the cooler season.
Who now thinks that vinyl and leather is only suitable for the Gothic Queen, is of course mistaken. Especially for the gentlemen, these materials are an almost essential basis for countless black garments or gothic accessories. This applies across the board for all styles. Whether it's a cult steampunk hat or a Victorian nobleman's cummerbund, a long coat in strict Gothic uniform style or a robust LARP warrior's apron from the Middle Ages. Also popular are martial-looking leather mouth-nose masks. These already existed long before the plague and have nothing to do with it. Their model could be the evil guy Bane from the Batman movie.
For friends of the medieval genre, we have a few special highlights in the Boudoir Noir program. Assassin hoods and shoulder protectors in leather look. With integrated pocket, or without. With pointed killer rivets or without. Here beats the role-playing heart higher.