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The majority of our offer we get from the well-known fashion label Punk Rave, whose fancy black fashion you can find in all categories of our online shop.

At Boudoir Noir we offer our exceptional customers a unique range of extravagant styles in gothic fashion, punk fashion and lolita fashion. In doing so, we rely exclusively on high-quality fashion collections of renowned underground brand suppliers.


Who or what is Punk Rave, you ask? Here are some deep insights into the dark and romantic world of the somewhat different styling experts:

The brand Punk Rave - how it all began...
The founder of Punk Rave grew up in China in simple circumstances and was already at a young age inspired by the dream of bringing her darkly coloured fantasy to life in the form of unusual fashion. She opened her first clothing store very early on, but left Beijing in 2004 to take a fresh start. She trained herself in various design techniques and began with the production of her first own designs. Directly with success, because even then the first gothic-fashion looks were exported to Europe! In 2006 she founded the clothing brand PUNK RAVE, which was focused on export right from the start.


Lolita-Design PYON PYON or: What does a rabbit jump sound like?

The dark fashion brand PUNK RAVE initially stood for the three extroverted styles Punk Fashion, Gothic Fashion and Lolita Fashion. In 2010 the fashion label PYON PYON was founded as a new branch in order to distinguish the girlish-magic style of Lolita more clearly from the actual core brand. PYON PYON concentrates exclusively on the production of playful Lolita outfits.
By the way: The Japanese term PYON PYON is simply a cute artificial word and describes the sound a rabbit makes when jumping - is that obvious, or ;)?


Punk Rave - more than a design concept!

With its two contrasting faces, the romantic gothic look on the one hand and the rebellious punk style on the other, the fashion brand Punk Rave offers two completely independent designs, which are always skilfully enriched with contemporary attributes. This black fashion is something for distinctive personalities who feel a deep desire to inspire other personalities with their appearance to more courage for independence and who do not want to be enslaved by supposed mainstream trends!


Who is Punk Rave Fashion specifically for?

Evidently, for all proud and self-confident minds, regardless of age or gender, who love their Gothic, Lolita and/or Punk culture! For strong people who go through life with an open heart. Who are willing to listen to others and accept different attitudes to life, but who would never blindly follow a false example! This special philosophy of life is clearly reflected in the design concert of PUNK RAVE. And this is also what the brand name stands for: PUNK, that is the real spirit that is dedicated to ideological emancipation and clearly opposes the standardized mainstream. RAVE, on the other hand. The meaning behind this is not difficult to understand: Don't worry about others' opinions, be brave and just do your own thing!

This is clearly the way of life we at Boudoir Noir have dedicated ourselves to! The general public does not always accept it easily when you individually shape your life and dress against the norm according to your own taste. But for us and for you, our valued customers, this lifestyle and clothing is of great symbolic importance, a very personal outcry against the daily monotony, proudly marked by sophisticated beauty and timeless elegance.


Gothic look, punk style or lolita fashion - just as you like it!

Mysterious gothic style with velvet and brocade, wild punk look, pierced by rivets and straps, or magic-sweet lolita fashion with lots of lace, for whichever extraordinary style your heart beats, with the different Punk Rave fashion lines you can always make exactly the right statement. Noble brocade, decorated with velvet, lace and trimmings, but also targeted material mix will enchant dark romanticists, but also steampunk, medieval and Victorian Gothic lovers. Punk fans, as well as metal and fetish fans, should enjoy the expressive outfits with PVC, elastic imitation leather, straps, eyelets and rivets. The dreamy Lolita, on the other hand, awaits playful clothing dreams and teasing accessories.

Whether you choose a fashion line clearly and plainly or want to express your personal identity by combining the different fashion styles, with the designs of Punk Rave you are always properly dressed for every special occasion, from the gothic discotheque to the medieval market to the alternative summer-festival!


Insider tip from the Boudoir Noir fashion experts

The materials and quality of manufacture always come first at Punk Rave, of course, so that you will enjoy the designs and looks for a very long time to come. The fashion of Punk Rave is mainly aimed at export to Europe and America, therefore fits and sizes are happily adapted to the respective markets. Nevertheless, it should be noted that by Western European standards the size figures are often quite small.


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