Punk - rivets, skulls and anarchy

Punk's not dead

Of course not. Who doesn't remember the rebellious boys and girls who used to hang around in the city park in the 70s and 80s of the last century, listening to loud music and enjoying life more with scrounging than with work. Back then, being punk meant being a kind of dropout. Someone who rejected society. A fancy colored hairstyle and leather jacket were the characteristics. Colourfully painted, embroidered with countless patches that unmistakably expressed the respective attitude and individual taste in music. The Tote Hosen Punkband were still a firm part of this scene. Originally punk music spilled from England over to us. The Sex-Pistols were singing loudly about anarchy. And they lived it, too. At least on stage. Even back then, the look was one of the most important details. Clothes covered with chains and studs. Ripped and colorfully painted. Plus martial-looking boots. Thick belts, multi-rowed with shiny silver pyramid studs hung casually strapped around the hips and just looked cool.

Leather jacket with studs and mini skirt with tulle for the special style

And the style hasn't lost any of this coolness over time. Even if the meaning of the term punk has changed a bit and nowadays hardly anyone sits on the floor in the pedestrian zone and loudly blasts his environment with punk rock from an old, worn-out cassette recorder. But they still exist. And that is more than good.
Punk has clearly become more presentable. Still an extreme one, especially visually. The style has always been edgy and robust - and it has remained so. Punk is not about soft lines, but about the hardness of the outfit. Skull symbols provocatively combined with artfully tattered garments with straps, buckles, D- and O-rings. Robust laced or buckled boots and tight trousers. The materials have also become more exquisite and of higher quality. Punk ladies also like to wear the ultra short miniskirt in combination with tulle. Many accessories and gadgets like chains and collars with countless studs and buckles complete the hard and provocative outfit. Especially with the punk girls, a great and wild look can be conjured up with coarse mesh fabric. Fishnet tights are especially suitable for this. Some elements are often taken from the BDSM scene. Punk fashion is also very suitable to create an erotic and provocative look: e.g. with fishnet stockings in high laced boots and a very short mini skirt or dress, combined with leather accessories, silver-coloured studs and chains.
Leather also plays a major role in the men of creation. No matter if real or imitation leather. That doesn't matter. But an impressive leather jacket is a must. The main thing is that it has many zippers and is studded with small, countless rivets. Pyramid rivets look a bit rougher, killer rivets on the other hand should only be placed on the shoulder area if you don't plan to put your girlfriend or wife on your shoulders at a concert or rock festival, because that could end painfully for both of them.
On the back or chest, on the other hand, rivets and buckles on a dark leather vest look like small pieces of jewelry that deliberately accentuate the outfit.
Last but not least, the classic, extravagant punk needs leather half gloves. With lacing on the underside, or even on the back of the hand. With straps and buckles tied around the forearm and of course studded with spiked rivets.

Gothic or Punk? Do I have to decide?

The crossovers to other dark and fancy styles of the black scene are fluent. Allowed is what pleases. And punk can't be forced into a fixed category anyway. But with small, playful details you can create great variations. There are no limits. Net look with mini skirt and black boots can easily be transformed into a Lolita look with a provocative corsage. Even a touch of seductive burlesque creates a magical new look. Ideal for the next theme party or the next concert. Give it a try. You will be amazed at what is possible.