Steampunk - the imaginative retro-futurism

Steampunk embodies the idea of the future from the past. Retro-futurism.  In the 19th century, the machines, gadgets and technical achievements of the future were imagined to be mechanical and steam-powered. Steampunk, in contrast to gothic and punk, does not originate from music but from literature. It was decisively shaped by the visions and stories of the French writer Jules Vernes. Stylistically, it is certainly related to Victorian fashion. At least many jolly elements can be found in the steampunk fashion. However, in contrast to Gothic, the colours black are replaced by warmer brown, metal and gold tones (such as old gold, copper or bronze). Technical-mechanical' accessories play a special role in this, as they underline futurism. These are mostly watches, weapons and glasses. Unimportant here is the functionality, which, apart from pocket watches, should be given in very few cases. This includes dummies of historical pistols in lavish leather holsters, backpack-like equipment with hoses and gears, right up to goggles, which are to be regarded as an absolute "must-have".  Goggles are a mixture of old-fashioned aviator and welding eyewear. Partly complex worked and decorated with different coloured glass inserts, gears and leather straps. Also here the optics and not the functionality are in the focus, because usually these glasses are carried at the arm, or pulled over a hat. Here, too, the range is enormous: from the noble cylinder to the robust pilot's canopy, everything is included. Steampunk fans could almost be thought to have come straight from a 19th century Sherlock Holmes film or a 19th century British colony in Africa: It is also comparable with the ideology and the role model, which differs from Gothic. If the black-clad are quiet, withdrawn melancholic thinkers and connoisseurs, steampunk is inspired by curiosity about technology and the environment, as well as inventiveness and adventure romance.

The erotic aura of steampunk outfits definitely stands behind that of gothic or punk looks, which is not surprising, however, because fashion is less inspired by festive evening or party fashion. Nevertheless, some elements of steampunk can be combined excellently with gothic fashion and are thus well suited to create an imaginative, individual look that will be well received at almost every event. Leather cuffs for arms or legs, sleeves, shoulder straps... and last but not least a hat with goggles complete simple black parts, which can be found in almost every wardrobe and conjure up a combination for an extraordinary erotic party or a tingling night at the castle.