Our Philosophy

Boudoir Noir - as individual and sophisticated as you are

Boudoir Noir stands for passion. We are here for everyone who loves black fashion and wants to express it with this style of clothing. This fashion stands for freedom, tolerance and individualism. That's why we offer you fashion and a service that is just as individual as you are. We offer fashion for you, with which you can express yourself and show yourself as you really are. Here we would like to show you exactly what this really means.

Boudoir Noir is as individual as you are

It's probably one of the most charming aspects of the "black scene" that everyone finds his style here, whether romantic, punk, lover of industrial style or someone who is special in another way. Everyone is respected and recognized, so everyone can feel free and valued. We want to reflect this with Boudoir Noir fashion: Not only is it available in a wide variety of styles, but we are also happy to put it together individually for you.

Our fashion does not pretend anything to you

Individuality includes special items of clothing at the first place. For this reason we at Boudoir Noir pay particular attention to the choice of fashion we offer to you. After all, it should perfectly suit you. You should feel comfortable in it and be able to express what you are standing for. That's why Boudoir Noir has the ideal clothing for every occasion, whether for everyday life, a party or a festival.

Excellent quality is the basis of our fashion

The basic requirement for fashion that is fun is, of course, quality. Here at Boudoir Noir you will only find garments from manufacturers who share our corporate philosophy. We are not afraid to set high standards for our suppliers and keep our eyes open in order to be able to offer you a special selection of garments. In addition to materials, good quality also includes fast shipping and correct storage.

Advice and sustainability are a matter of course for us.

We focus on sustainability, but at Boudoir Noir we don't just limit ourselves to the origin of our garments. For us, sustainability also means that very few goods have to be transported twice. This also applies to returns. In order to prevent this from happening in the first place, we will be happy to provide you with extensive advice beforehand and with great attention to detail.