Velvet in the gothic scene: A liaison d'amour!

Velvet in the gothic scene: A liaison d\'amour! - Velvet in Gothic scene - hardly to be excluded | EVIL FASHION BLOG
2020-10-13 12:44:00 / General Info

Black, dark red, purple or sometimes even emerald, wonderfully soft velvet has always been allowed to do its colorful, iridescent magic in the otherwise rather monochrome gothic scene. The matt-gloss fabric has a special nostalgic charm that has remained undiminished over decades. This is reason enough for us to draw some attention to this material, which is equally suitable for shirts, pants, dresses and skirts. We found out some interesting details, which we would like to share with you, we wish you a lot of evil fun!

What is velvet actually made of?

In a nutshell, velvet nowadays consists of a basic fabric into which a fine pile has been worked. You can imagine it a bit like the deluxe version of flokati. Velvet can be made from a wide variety of natural and synthetic fibers. By choosing the right material, the desired characteristics of the velvet fabric, for example elasticity or a pattern, can be taken into account. This is of course important for the respective gothic clothing that is to be made from the velvet.

Where does velvet originally come from?

Velvet has a long and moving history. The soft material was already produced in the far Middle Ages and in the Ottoman Empire, for example to cover furniture or splendid garments of the upper class in a particularly splendid way. At that time, by the way, the velvety material was mainly made of exclusive silk.

How is velvet actually made?

The production of this mostly cuddly soft material is still very complex today, as two layers of fabric are woven together and then cut in the middle. The pile height may be a maximum of two millimeters, beyond that one already speaks of velour. The woven fabric is available in the types panne velvet, crushed velvet and embossed velvet. A further option for producing velvet, which is particularly popular in the field of transparent club wear, is to glue the fluffy fibers onto a mostly wafer-thin mesh material. In this case we call it flocking.The sports ace among you surely know this fabric finish from personalized jerseys.

A well-rehearsed team: Gothic fashion and velvet

Even though gothic has turned to new styles over the years, such as steampunk or end times, the black scene has remained consistently true to its special preference for velvet. Especially in the ladies' and men's fashion known as Victorian Gothic, the noble-looking velvet is very much used. This may also be due to the special structure of the heavy and robust material: a deep black velvet fabric literally swallows the light and thus appears particularly dark and mysterious.

Velvet is extremely popular in the gothic scene for both extravagant men's and women's clothing. However, there are differences between the genders in the raw material used. In ladies' fashion, an elastic base fabric is often chosen for delicate blouses, tight skirts or festive dresses made of velvet. An elastic and soft velvet fits perfectly around the female curves, but also gives the dark fairy a lot of freedom of movement on the dance floor. In black men's fashion, rather firmer base materials are used, because a high-quality frock coat or Victorian Gothic or steampunk men's trousers have to keep their shape to look masculine and elegant.

Simply gorgeous: Boudoir Noir fashion made of high-quality velvet

As a demanding gothic fashion provider, we at Boudoir Noir naturally know the wishes of our esteemed dark clientele. Therefore it is natural for us to offer an extensive range of attractive and high quality clothing made of the popular material. In addition to classic and Victorian-inspired gothic clothing made of velvet, we specifically offer some particularly unusual velvet creations, such as the ultra short velvet dress Hysteria with a generous mesh insert and embroidery for the extroverted lady or the gothic long-sleeved shirt Stigma flocked with ornament on ornament for the style-conscious gentleman.

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