Wear black at work - is this possible and if so, then how much?

Wear black at work -  is this possible and if so,  then how much? - Corporate Goth - Wear black at work -  is this possible and if so,  then how much?
2020-09-13 22:15:00 / General Info

Being gothic is an attitude to life and those who live this graceful style intensely of course want to feel comfortable round the clock. Therefore, it goes without saying that it is also part of the job to live out your "black attitude" optically at work. But how much darkness can your job, your colleagues and your customers tolerate? Let's take a closer look at this exciting topic!

Black, black, black are all my clothes?

As a doctor or nurse in an operating theatre, firefighter on fire brigade duty or policeman on service, an individualistic black outfit certainly has no place. Even at a bank counter or in the bakery at the service counter, a gothic styling might cause some irritation, especially with a narrow-minded employer. But anyone working in a commercial area, perhaps even without customer contact, may feel a little bit of a desire to continue to dress "quite normally black" at work, especially after the long corona-related home office phase. However, if the boss and dear colleagues have not been used to this up to now, it might be a good idea to get the ladies and gentlemen used to your true (pale) face in a refined way bit by bit!

Black always works - if you start off right!

Thank Goth there are countless dark styles and looks, which are perceived by "normal" people as very dark and deviating from the norm, but still don't seem deterrent or even threatening in any way. Many well-known scene labels offer high-quality clothing, which is not only suitable for private everyday life, but also for a corporate gothic look! A slim-cut Killstar pencil skirt, a feminine punk rave ruffled blouse, a romantic dark in love peplum jacket with a swallowtail or a delicate Nu Goth skater dress - a gothic businesswoman is sure to catch the eye of the beholder. But not only for working gothic ladies, but also for the male office or administration employee with a dark soul, a noble styling with laced brocade or leather trousers, classically cut black shirts and victorian inspired vests is the right choice. Attractive and high quality (black) clothing finally testifies style and high personal standards. In other words, exactly what a boss ultimately wants from his employee!

Set dark accents with the right accessories!

You have just made a first "darkening" of your workwear and the all too astonished looks of your colleagues and customers are missing? Great, then you can artistically decorate your black business outfit with further mystically elegant elements, such as a decorative necklace with a nostalgic cameo or precious rings with antique settings.

Of course, you should always use sinister accessories with care in your professional life. You ought to use religious elements very sparingly, for example, in view of the beliefs of your professional environment. It is better to use Celtic insignia or Victorian symbolism, which have a clear message (for those who know the scene) but are not frowned upon in public perception.

When it comes to footwear: less is more!

If you like to adorn yourself with neat black styling, there is logically no getting around suitable footwear. However, coarse boots and XXL platform shoes are more suitable for the Gothic private life and not for the ordinary office routine. The stylish gothic lady therefore prefers lighter lace-up boots or simple black pumps, the dark businessman wears classic black lace-up shoes or slippers at work, although good old Doc Martens have also become absolutely socially acceptable.

This is how you find the right business goth clothing!

Our little insight into the everyday life of Business Goth has made you want to present your true self at work? Are you now looking for the right clothes or adequate accessories for your new "normal" work styling? Then browse through Boudoir Noir's multi-faceted dark range of products and let yourself be inspired by our dark fashion suggestions. A little side note: people who feel comfortable in their clothes also work much better, by the way!

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