Capes and cloaks

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Cloaks and capes: a valuable part of an adequate gothic wardrobe!

Stylish cloaks and shapely capes have enjoyed constant popularity in the gothic scene for many years. This is hardly surprising, as these garments, which wrap the body like a (delicate to coarse) protective layer, not only add the finishing touch to a successful outfit, but often also keep the dark lord or lady warm and protect them from all too intrusive glances from "normal" fellow human beings. Clearly, gothic and mystic lovers simply can't do without a floor-length cape or a Victorian-style cloak, with or without a hood! In our Gothic shop, children of the night will find a splendid variety of extraordinary capes that are second to none!

Only the cape makes the true vampire!

Sophisticated cloaks and capes are as much a part of the darkly romantic gothic scene as white make-up, black kohl and tousled hair. When you think of an adequate cape for yourself or your partner, you immediately have images in your mind of graceful, gloomy gentlemen striding through the dark night in flowing, long capes, often with a lavish hood. In our imagination, a "real" vampire or medieval gentleman needs an ankle-length cloak to protect him attractively from prying eyes and the cold, wet night. But it is not only effect-conscious gentlemen who appreciate a long cloak that wraps itself protectively around slightly covered or even naked shoulders.

Delicate cape or extravagant cover-up, everything is possible!

Not only is the midnight black cape a very popular piece of outerwear in the black scene, style-conscious members of the scene can also set effective accents with an unusually cut cape and protect themselves from unpleasant weather (and unpleasant onlookers) at the same time! Women like to wear light and airy materials such as lace or satin, so that the cape delicately wraps around the wearer's shoulders and accentuates them. Extravagant men often prefer to go for fancy materials such as heavy velvet or brocade, with which they like to complete their entire appearance.

With or without a hood, that is the question!

Hand on the black heart: the mystique of a cape or cloak is significantly influenced by the size and design of a hood! Large and elaborately produced hoods serve more for an attractive look than for simple weather protection and are therefore often draped around the shoulders like a large collar. But especially with delicate capes or cloaks that drape softly over the body, a hood pulled down into the forehead can make for a particularly exquisite appearance! The key here is to try it out personally and find your very own look for the evening dance or the walk through the festival grounds! You will of course find the right capes and cloaks for your own personal style in our Gothic shop!