Festivals and Events

Welcome to the dark world of gothic fashion! Immerse yourself in a lifestyle full of passion, individuality and intense emotions. Our calendar of events is a gateway to the unforgettable moments that characterise this subcultural community. Here, everything revolves around the feeling of fellowship, the pulsating heart of the gothic lifestyle.

When darkness falls, the events come to life and open up a world full of mystery and magic. Let yourself be enchanted by the atmosphere as the fog wafts through the crowd and the music engulfs your body. Feel the heartbeat of the night as you move in a sea of black and stylish extravagance.

In the dark halls, you will not only find fashion and style, but also unique art forms that touch your senses. Dancing shadows, graceful performances and mesmerising creations bring the night to life. The creative spirits of the gothic community transform ordinary moments into something special and create a world where you can be yourself.

Embark on a journey through our events and discover the unexpected. Connect with like-minded people who proudly display their individuality. Feel the energy of community that manifests itself in every moment of darkness. Here you can express yourself freely and become a part of a subversive culture that has endured for decades.

Our calendar of events is your compass in this fascinating world. It will guide you to the best places where the gothic community lives and breathes. Don't miss any of the legendary gatherings that raise the pulse of the lifestyle and fill the night with their unique magic. Immerse yourself and experience the coolest moments these events have to offer.

Prepare yourself for a journey into a world of intensity, expression and fascination. Find your own definition of beauty and be inspired by the gothic lifestyle. Come with us on this extraordinary journey and discover what lies beyond the ordinary.

Welcome to the Boudoir Noir event calendar.

All 2024 events at a glance

obscene fair 2024 [Karlsruhe]


Eccentric - Beyond conventional trade fairs
The extravagant obscene event in Karlsruhe is the meeting place for fans of kink, BDSM and fetish here in the south of Germany. An exciting community experience awaits the numerous visitors. With captivating performances on stage or to discover for yourself, evening parties and events for dancing or sensual experiences, as well as a variety of around 30 workshops that offer space to deepen your own knowledge and explore new horizons. 
Boudoir Noir will be present with a 40 square metre booth, offering the right clothing for darkly passionate occasions.

Dark Malta 2024 [Gianpula/Malta]


Dark Malta. From 19-21 April 2024, Malta will once again host a gothic festival for connoisseurs and enthusiasts. The three-day event, which is now taking place for the 5th time, can be described as small but mighty. Bands and audience could not be more international. From the underground to the high-calibre of the music scene, everything is represented here. And what could be nicer than combining a (short) holiday with a deep black festival on such a wonderful island? From our own experience, we can say that it can happen that you suddenly find yourself on the same plane as your favourite band. Our tip: book your flight and accommodation early. Highly recommended!

Burning Pants Festival 2024 [Hude/Oldenburg]


The Burning Pants Festival - which claims to be the only rock festival for the fetish, BDSM and sex-positive scene - will be opening its doors for the fourth time from 5 to 7 July. Let the jogging trousers burn - is the motto. This means that it's all about combining dark-coloured rock music with an informal atmosphere. True to the motto: everything can, nothing has to, except for sensational live acts such as Megaherz, Mono Inc, Kärbholz, D'Artagnan, Sündenklang, Schattenmann, and many more.... 
The venue is the HS Lifestyle Club in Hude (near Oldenburg). Let the jogging trousers burn!