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For sun and water -  at Boudoir Noir

Probably for many of those who have no contact with the black lifestyle, the term gothic embodies a gloomy world of depressed, pale loners who tend to be socially unfit, sitting in their dark room with the curtains drawn and shunning daylight like the devil shuns holy water. It might be difficult for an uninitiated person to imagine that a black soul can also enjoy sunlight. At gothic festivals or outdoor parties, for example. Even more than that. Summer, sun, sunshine - sea, beach and vacation have a high attraction also for us black-robed people.
This leads us straight to the swimwear category. Here we present to the sun-hungry dark queen her very special beach outfit. Extraordinary swimwear. Bikinis, swimsuits, tankinis and even more. From our top brands Killstar, Devil Fashion, Punk Rave. Except for the sizes, nothing is standard here. Of course, the color black prevails. The designs are bold and gritty. Partly with lacing, straps, or even sometimes printed bones or skeleton. All very stylish. Otherwise, it would not have made it into our Gothic Online Shop.
And in our Lifestyle category you will also find the matching beach towel from Killstar.