Like Goths in the sunshine: Cool swimwear for dark bathing pleasures!

Like Goths in the sunshine: Cool swimwear for dark bathing pleasures! - Cool Gothic swimwear for dark bathing pleasures
2021-06-12 13:33:00 / General Info

Like Goths in the sunshine: Cool swimwear for dark bathing pleasures!

Whoo-hoo, steadily falling incidence rates, fewer and fewer restrictions and rising outdoor temperatures at the same time: finally our (black) life is picking up speed again! With a view to the upcoming outdoor pool season, the first airy gothic or steampunk festivals or even the finally upcoming holiday, it's high time to start thinking about an attractive Dark Romance beach outfit! We at Boudoir Noir have prepared a few hot suggestions for you!

Gothic swimwear: A real black eye-catcher not only on the beach!

Summer, beach and a gothic lady in a light bikini or a seductive swimsuit, that's nothing for goths who avoid sunlight like the plague, isn't it? It's all water under the bridge, because even dark-romantic queens of the night like to go swimming in style or sit at the beach bar dressed extravagantly in keeping with their black attitude to life! And even for a gloomy open-air festival in high summer or a hot scene party, the smart dark fairy can exquisitely use a fancy bikini top (or, quite bravely, a complete monokini) as part of an expressive outfit!

Dark romance feeling, even in hot temperatures!

We at Boudoir Noir have gathered for you, with a lot of personal pleasure, the hottest dark swimwear for gloomy romantic witches of nowadays. How about, for example, an extraordinary triangle bikini with skeleton hands on the top by Punk Rave? Or, a little more restrained, the KILLSTAR Beltane Triangle Gothic Bikini, lavishly printed with occult themes? For a bewitching walk on the beach, of course, the breathtaking Dark Princess gothic monokini by Devil Fashion is perfect, enchanting with beguiling lace and a smart lacing. If you're going to the beach and don't want to wear classic black, why not go for something a little more darkcoloured? Then the red and black gothic bikini Sirena with lace inserts and attractive elastic bands in a wrap-around look will definitely appeal to you! Take a look at our diverse dark swimwear assortment, there is the right ( scarce) item for every dark taste!

Sun protection suitable for the dark scene: No problem with these accessories!

When the sun is beating down on us, we need to protect our delicate, pale skin from the damaging UV rays! Not to mention the fact that a "Majorca tan" is really not our personal goal! So that the sun doesn't burn your pretty pale complexion, you should always remember to use a high-quality sun protection product with protection factor 30 or more! Of course, Boudoir Noir also offers cool sunglasses as well as the huge Orbit sun hat by Killstar as additional and damn attractive sun protection! And when you lie down on the KILLSTAR One Wish coffin-shaped beach towel with black and white skeleton print at the lake, the sea or the open-air swimming pool, the other brown-roasted bathers are sure to turn pale again very quickly! But only with envy!