Gothic Harnesses

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Gothic harness to wear on bare skin or over shirts, tops, dresses or blouses.

Straps with or without rivets that wrap tightly around the body and are held together and pulled tight with shiny metal rings and buckles make up the gloomy authentic look of a gothic harness. The origin of the harness is clear: a harness for animals, especially horses. The harness has changed a lot in the course of history, because originally the firm, stable straps around the torso of humans or animals were part of a protective armour when going into battle. For some, associations with this gothic accessory, which is often related to fetish and BDSM, may suddenly seem a little clearer.

The harness: Martial gothic accessory or wicked fetish outfit?

Which fantasy or fashionable use your new harness should serve when choosing a suitable gothic wardrobe is almost inexhaustible. Because the elaborately assembled strap and belt creations, mostly made of high-quality imitation leather, are true quick-change artists. An upper body harness with strikingly shiny metal gadgets, sometimes in the form of pentagrams or heavy chains and killer rivets for an authentic gothic look, clings just as well to bare skin as it does over a jet black top, shirt or dress. A gothic harness caresses the upper body of women and men alike in an exciting way. It is up to you as the wearer of the harness to decide which parts of the body should be particularly emphasised: with an attached collar with or without an O-ring and a strap between the chest and chains as contrasting connecting links or in the form of a suspender harness with straps over the shoulders. When it comes to the decoration of the harness straps, the choice is just as varied as with the different cuts of the Gothic Harness in our online shop. From delicate to rough, you will find harness models full of imaginative details, such as rivets in the shape of sabre teeth or small angel wings.

Anything but ordinary: imaginative gothic outfits with harnesses

The soft straps of a gothic harness made of veggie leather are made to be worn on the bare skin, but for fantastic outfits for gothic festivals or wacky post-apocalypse events in best Wasteland style, a harness is perfectly suited to be worn over the clothes. It doesn't need to be a tight-fitting plain shirt to do this, which shows off a harness to its best advantage. Especially the contrast to a romantic frilled shirt or a ruffled blouse creates an exciting look that is anything but standard. For the ladies, the harness is also particularly attractive over a fit and flare dress, whose tight top can be additionally accentuated with a separate gothic harness. For the gentleman, a harness worn over a waistcoat creates a masculine outfit full of daring gloomy elegance in no time at all.

All-in-one harness clothing

Do you love dark fashion beyond mainstream? We offer clothing in all our categories for men and women whose design was inspired by a harness made of lacquer and leather. Suitable for everyday use, elastic and comfortable, gothic clothing in harness look gives the impression of wearing a separate harness over the gothic garment. Let yourself be inspired and find the harness that suits you and your dark romantic gothic look.