To enable you to find the right size for you as quickly and reliably as possible, we have compiled some information about the dimensions given in the product descriptions. 

The measurements in the product descriptions are measurements of the garment (not body measurements). This means, for example, that narrow, highly elastic trousers have a much smaller hip circumference than non-elastic trousers in jeans cut in the same size.   
If the measurements are not garment measurements but body measurements, we explicitly refer to this in the product description. 

Here are a few hints for successful measurement:

(1) Shoulder width: In our product range, the shoulder width of a garment is measured from one sleeve shoulder seam straight over the neck to the other sleeve shoulder seam.
Sleeve length: Here, too, measurements are taken from the beginning of the sleeve seam to the hem of the sleeve.
(2) Chest circumference: Measured once around the upper body - preferably directly at the level of the nipples.
(3) Waist: Circumference of the upper body at the waist (usually at the level of the navel).
(4) Hip circumference: the hip circumference shall be measured approximately 20 cm below the navel.
(5) Inside leg length: from crotch to ankle.

If you have any questions about the fit and other dimensions of the articles, please do not hesitate to contact us personally. Call us at +49 7021 956 11 12 or mail us.

Illustration - Masstabelle Frauen
Illustration - Herren-Masstabelle