Breathtaking accessories that perfect your outfit.
Accessories for dark shade.
Breathtaking accessories that perfect your outfit - whether gothic, punk or burlesque. In our Gothic Shop you will find handbags, chokers, stockings and dark "evil" jewellery as well as this and that.


Accessories are the topping for your own Gothic style

They perfect the look and make it individual. Often it is only small things that specifically attract the attention of the viewer. Take a steampunk outfit as a prime example. Impressive it is in any case with matching trousers, brown striped. Matching boots. On top a black shirt with a brown striped vest. Over it a long tailcoat. Finished. Really finished? This look is great. But the salt in the soup during steampunk is the extra bits. Frequently seen are the goggles, which are the artful imitation of a mixture of old-fashioned welding and flying glasses. This accessory is not really meant as a pair of eyeglasses, but unfolds its full effect when worn on the forehead, or - even better - decorate a beautiful top hat. Headgear does not only play an important role in retrofuturism, but also in the Victorian genre, for example. A modern Victorian Lady likes to wear a Fascinator. These small hat-like headdresses can sometimes take on highly unusual but exciting shapes. From a funeral net, which adorns the face of the dark beauty, to elaborately decorated birds, to feathers, black roses, small antlers and horns, or even a small sailing ship. There are no limits here. But also classic veils with small black roses or pearls might turn a beautiful lady dressed in black into an even more beautiful dark lady.
Let's get back to our steampunk example. Retrofuturism, where you see the technical future through the eyes of the past, i.e. of the 19th century, lives from gears, watches, bags, imitation cartridge cases, mechanical superstructures, telescopes and many other small things. Often made of bronze coloured metal. The inspiration is the French writer Jules Verne with his futuristic stories from exactly this period.
But accessories in the scene of the black souls are more than headgear.

Jewellery also plays an important role

Mostly paired with a lot of symbolism. Chokers made of lace or leather for the ladies neck. Opulent silver necklaces with lots of crosses or skulls. Symbols in general have an enormously high value in the dark scene. The most common symbols are crosses, skulls, pentagrams and black roses. Set in silver jewellery or hanging on chains, leather straps or metal rings. Sometimes embedded in lace or tulle. Decorated with dark pearls, raven black feathers and gemstones of obsidian or onyx, they are a wonderful addition to your own style.
If you look around at Gothic festivals like the WGT in Leipzig, you will hardly see a hand of a Dark Queen or Dark Lord that is not decorated with rings on the fingers. Beautiful finger rings shiny silver with red and black gemstones and other symbols.
But the most popular accessory of every woman, gothic or not, is her handbag. Also for the black-robed dark ladies this is an indispensable must. It must be black. No matter if in form of a bat, a coffin or a perfume bottle. No matter what material it is made of. Leather or fabric, velvet or plastic. It has to be black. Gentlemen prefer backpacks with scales reminiscent of dragon skin, or they stow their belongings in leather-look belt bags.
Speaking of Dark Lords.
Very popular accessories are leather shoulder protectors. Fastened to the shoulder and upper arm with straps, they give a highly masculine look and look like a kind of armour. Like a dark assassin, knight or warrior. In any case, like a grown man. Shoulder protectors are conveniently available with an integrated pocket on the upper arm.
Goth festivals or other black events often take place outdoors. Especially on hot days in summer, fans are a good idea for the dark ladies. These are also versatile in their design. Made of lace, decorated with feathers, or even with rivets, women can fan cool air.

Last but not least...

...the Gothic Lords of Creation also have their own necklaces. What the modern man in a suit has his tie, the Victorian nobleman has his plastron, or jabot. Made of fine lace, it adorns the collar of an opulent frilly shirt, completes the smart masculine look and looks fascinatingly great on top of it. And with an additional brooch set with gemstones attached to the jabot, it provides the shimmering icing on the cake for the entire appearance. Now glittering cufflinks and a black walking stick with a silver skull in your hand - perfect!

Our top accessories from top brands such as Punk Rave

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