Lingerie & Swimwear

Lingerie at Boudoir Noir - a touch of sensuality and seduction

The black scene also wears something underneath. And often the underneath is also the only thing he or she is actually wearing. But no matter if visible for others or not, lingerie is an important part of a complete outfit. Your complete outfit. With beautiful underwear you can create an impact.
The term lingerie already describes in itself that this is not "normal" underwear or nightwear. No, it goes far beyond that. Lingerie means creating a touch, or even more than that, eroticism with beautiful, fine materials. To put yourself in the limelight. To show a lot, but not necessarily everything. But gothic lingerie is not only about looks, but even more about your own well-being. The materials also play an important role here. Of course you can also find cotton in this category. But far more exciting are satin and silk, or even lacquer and leather. Mesh, which creates transparency in the right places, or lace, which can be playful, but also quite wicked. A charming appearance will set your body sensually and femininely in scene, radiating eroticism and lust and giving the wearer a harmonious and self-confident body feeling.


From burlesque to clubwear

No matter whether you are preparing for a party, going to an event, or want to stay in a private setting. You can find a large selection of beautiful and extremely provocative clothing. Choose bras from Killstar or Punk Rave - playful with frills, or draped with chains that are far too good to be worn underneath. It gets more erotic with a choker decorated with rhinestones and feathers, for which you only need to wear a pair of high heels and nothing else. Ultra short miniskirts with ruffles are also available for the Queen of Darkness. We offer silky panties decorated with lace. Bodystockings, vinyl underwear, or studded belt harnesses. Whether soft or hard. With the lingerie from Boudoir Noir - your online shop for evil fashion that attracts, you can create almost any look. Perhaps you'd rather wear a sharp tight wet look leggings with lace inserts with a romantic, extravagant breast jewelry with collar, lace and flowers? Or combine a glamorous, breast-free corsage with the matching wafer-thin panties. For an even hotter look, wear a Grey Velvet harness with straps and rings. Large lace ornaments ensure feminine elegance despite much naked skin, which is sometimes further enhanced by deep black pearls, chains and flowers. This makes you the queen of the night. Visually, this is absolute amazing. Often large lace decorations provide the optical highlight of the "underwear", which is much too good to be worn only underneath. The décolleté can be wickedly staged with baroque patterns, some of which look down to the skin. Wearing comfort also plays an important role: elastic materials ranging from transparent mesh and fine lace to velvet and patent leather adapt perfectly to the silhouette of the wearer. Supporting bones and underwiring or softly padded cups ensure a perfect fit and a pleasant feeling on the skin. Gothic lingerie also plays with targeted, but sometimes also denied insights, but often has a particularly occult elegance that makes its wearer appear in a mystical light. Frills ensure that a sweet, feminine character is preserved. Without appearing like a costume, the exciting play between dominance and submission or roles of the dark Lolita is tailored directly to the body of the dark souls. For a wicked castle night, a mystically dark burlesque diva styling would be worthwhile, which is especially suited to the sublime stylish ladies who prefer black opulence to a "screaming" colour mix.

Beach fashion, swim and beachwear

Even if you feel as a creature of the night especially attracted by the darkness, it is not necessary to go to the beach only at full moon. For the black souls and the sun worshippers we also offer swimming and beach fashion, with which you can cut a fine figure during the day. Also pool parties make you want to wear our swimwear from Punk Rave and Killstar. Our assortment ranges from bikinis to monokinis and swimsuits. A rocking, tight two-piece with a triangle top and skeleton print is just as impressive as the dark one-piece with a tendril print that hides symbols such as the pentagram or a crescent. Whether the occult elegance is discreetly hidden in baroque patterns or the skeleton lets its bony hand rest on the wearer's breasts, with Boudoir Noir's gothic beach fashion you can give your dark lifestyle the right style even in the sunshine. This way you will undoubtedly become a Baywatch Gothic-style bathing beauty. Individuality guaranteed.