Valentines Day 2021

Valentines Day 2021 - Gothic Valentines Day 2021
2021-02-13 11:31:00 / General Info

Dark romantics, take note: 14.02.2021 is Gothic Valentine's Day!

On 14 February (this year even a Sunday!) it's time for pure romance again! All over the world, millions of lovers give each other small (or even bigger) gifts to show each other how much they love him or her. Of course, this day is also a true holiday for dark romantics! After all, we gloomy romantics really know a thing or two about intimate feelings! That's why we, the couple behind Boudoir Noir, have put some extra dark thoughts into this wonderful holiday of love!

Valentine's Day: origins and historical development

Before we share our darkly romantic ideas for an atmospheric Gothic Valentine's Day with you, there are of course some dark facts about the origin of this custom. According to the Christian legend, St. Valentine is its namesake. The clergyman, who lived in Rome in the 3rd century AD, married lovers according to the Christian rite, which was strictly forbidden under Emperor Claudius III. On the Emperor's orders, Valentine is therefore said to have been beheaded on 14 February 269. Valentine's Day was therefore originally a day of remembrance for a holy man of the Christian Church! It was not until the 15th century that the holiday became established in England as a day for lovers and was also exported to the USA by English emigrants. With US soldiers, the custom of love finally arrived in Germany after the Second World War. Over the years, with the great support of the German floristry industry, the celebration of lovers has also become established in this country.

Valentine's Day in the lockdown: time for a little joie de vivre!

Especially now in the second pandemic-related lockdown, people are longing for love, closeness and at least a few moments of happiness. Valentine's Day is therefore the perfect day to bring a little joy to a loved one (but also to yourself!) in the currently monotonous everyday life without art and culture, without friends and family! So why not use this coming Valentine's Sunday to create a real little happening for you and the love of your life? It starts with your clothes, of course: leave the baggy sweatpants in the wardrobe and get dressed up in sombre clothes! Then get grandma's good china out of the cupboard and set the dining table in gothic, festive style for an intimate tête-à-tête. You can surprise your sweetheart with his or her favourite dish or you can plan to conjure up a delicious 3-course meal together. For those who don't like to cook: Currently, even the closed restaurants are happy to deliver a delicious dinner to you!

Evil surprise: Boudoir Noir has also prepared something for you!

We at Boudoir Noir would like to give you two dark delights for Gothic Valentine's Day. Firstly, with a wickedly tempting offer: In the week from 08 to 14 February 2021, you will receive a delicious bottle of ruby red Dracusecco (Castle of Dracula Marsecco Frizzante) for free* with every order of our exquisite Boudoir Noir fashion with an order value of more than 75 euros within the EU! For the perfect background music for your romantic Valentine's Day dinner, we have put together an atmospheric "Dark Romantic Gothic Valentines Day" playlist on Spotify on our new Böse.Musik account. We really hope that our lovely compilation of romantic songs (Dark-Rock, Gothic, EBM, NDH) will appeal to your taste in music!

We wish you (and us) a wonderfully black Valentine's Day!

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