Uniform / Military - Stylishly authoritarian

The military style in context with gothic is to be seen as a kind of subcategory of it. The typical severe features of a uniform with epaulettes and cuffs are its straight, clear lines and its narrow, no-frills cut combined with collars and patch pockets. Coloured black or sometimes olive green. Maybe a dark tie, or for the ladies on the head a shuttle refine the look and appear additionally strict.

Gothic Uniform Style is simple, but very detailed

Subcategories such as the Victorian uniform style are characterised by additional, much more playful details such as cords, large eye-catching gold or silver-coloured buttons, crossbars or trimmings. Brocade patterns and tailcoats, or even riding breeches also come into consideration here. Always well dressed, the Victorian uniform look is combined with high riding boots, which give the outfit additional authority. For classic gothic uniforms, more robust boots are advisable.

A uniform in Gothic style is usually a fantasy outfit. It does not follow any rules or guidelines. Each of our fashion labels develops its own typical trademarks. Punk Rave likes to use a combination of denim and artificial leather as a basic material. For example in long stretch ladies' trousers. Sometimes they also use shiny patent materials. Here, a vinyl peaked cap that is accentuated with killer rivets and thus gains a much darker hardness compared to a classic uniform cap should be especially emphasized.

The special form of the military look

The pencil dress is a very typical dress form in ladies military look. Whether designed by Killstar or Punkrave, it always stands out with its special elegance paired with a clear strictness. Also sometimes with attached leather tie. The lady of the world can wear it. Epaulettes are actually always part of the uniform outfit. Black leatherette trim skilfully leads the lines of this gothic military design and flap pockets complete the style.

The styles mix with Nu Goth, Victorian chic, or steampunk. There are no rules. Allowed is what pleases.

For a complete Gothic uniform outfit we offer as Boudoir Noir - your online shop for evil fashion that attracts - from head to legs a wide range of great options. For the gentlemen a commander peaked cap. Decorated with small dark elements like skulls or rivets. Military fantasy emblems made of metal in silver or gold decorate the epaulettes of men's shirts and ladies' blouses. Large buttons, set in a row, decorate velvet jackets. They combine with eye-catching darts and dividing seams to form straight lines and create a militarily austere look. Trimmings and bartacks serve as a closure and take the uniform back to a past century. In many cases this includes a narrow stand-up collar and peplum or trumpet sleeves. Uniforms can also be given great, dark accents with corset belts with large buckles and numerous rivets. 
Shirts and jackets with metal buckles and bars get a cyber military character, which reminds of Robocop and reminds not of the past but of the future.
The Queen of Darkness is spoilt for choice when it comes to the question whether to choose between skirt or trousers. Our answer is: take both. A leather skirt with a high elastic waistband has an exciting effect. The studs, straps and metal rings accentuate a miniskirt with dominance and severity. But also black denim material with fine white pinstripes turn a short into exciting hot pants. We offer the Gothic Lords a wide range of legwear. From the plush riding pants with tightly buttoned leg sections to pants with straight cut and leather applications, straps, eye-catching buttons and D-rings, to the striking imitation leather pants, we have everything the dark romantic military heart desires.

Dark romantic accessories for the final touch

Our accessories are ideal for the final refinement of your individual gothic uniform look. Attach a few medals to your frock coat or vest, which stand for the numerous merits of the last battle against the army of darkness. A military belt with pocket and rivet-trimmed imitation leather shoulder straps ensures that the little things of everyday life are always well stored.
Whatever your outfit may be - you are unique!