Velvet in Gothic fashion is as sure as day follows night

Velvet has been an essential part of Gothic fashion for decades. You can read what makes this exquisite fabric so special in our blog post about the fluffy soft material. When choosing your dark romantic fashion from Boudoir Noir, we place great value on high-quality fabrics made from modern materials to ensure that looks and wearing comfort are guaranteed. Especially with velvet, elasticity plays a significant role in women's fashion so that dresses, blouses or even jackets softly nestle to the female silhouette and also have a flowing fall. For men, shape stability also plays a major role in velvet fabrics, so that the masculine cut of the mostly Victorian-influenced designs is given an exclusive and high-quality touch. The Gothic Lord combines deep black velvet with opulently patterned brocade fabrics to create an opulent Steampunk or Victorian Goth look.